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Secrets of a Stranger


John Mallory has the perfect life. A beautiful wife, two lovable daughters, a great job, and money. Ten years' prior he had the fortune of purchasing the winning ticket to the lottery. All the publicity from the drawing forced him and his family to move to the small town of Whitefalls, where he continued to work as a professor teaching finance classes at the local college. He couldn't have asked for a better life. Until someone from his past reveals a secret turning his so-called perfect life into a living hell. John is thrown into extreme circumstances where he tries to keep the situation under control. It becomes impossible for him to hide from the perseverance of the stranger and the secret he wishes to remain undiscovered. The twist and turns are escalated into what seems to be a nightmare becoming reality. Will John succumb to the past that haunts him? Or will he face the torment alone to keep everything hidden? Or will the Secrets of a Stranger destroy him and his perfect life?

Arrival of a Stranger

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be able to peer inside the mind of a serial killer? 
Detective Tom Harris is a seasoned veteran who takes the lead on the case after the first slaying occurs and is in a race against time to track down the demented perpetrator before the next victim is discovered. Each horrific murder provides a detailed journey and insight of a killer who creates a belief in a psychotic mission that wreaks havoc in the town of Mead Colorado.
Leaving minimal clues and evidence with no apparent pattern or motive will lead him down a trail of brutally mutilated bodies-to an extent he has never encountered in his career.
Will Detective Tom Harris end the chaos that continues to take lives or will he fail in the attempt to save those who come face to face with their gruesome fate?

Sane Asylum
Sane Asylum pic.JPG

Winslow Asylum has been closed for decades and many have tried to find out what happened behind closed doors. A paranormal investigation team tracks down Jane Nelson, the only living survivor who tells them about her experience as a young woman mistakenly committed there by her husband at the end of WWII. She hopes she could change their minds and prevent the investigators from going there by explaining and reliving her dark secret she had kept hidden. Even though it’s been years since she’d last seen the inside of that evil place, she still continues to struggle with nightmares that haunt her and question her past of what was real and what was just her imagination. Was this a story fabricated by someone who was truly insane at the time and gives us some insight into their mind or was it an unexplainable set of true events that occurred to someone that had ultimately forced them to question their sanity? Winslow Asylum for The Insane maybe closed now, but the fearful and horrible memories it created will continue to live on.       


-The wait is over. Secrets of a Stranger is here! Thrilling and entertaining, like the experience on a crazy roller coaster.


-Thrilling in the extreme, Secrets of a Stranger is a definite page-flipper. 

-Arrival of a Stranger  was worth the wait!


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